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What Changes Everything

Author   Category Being You

If you have the choice between knowing and thinking, which is faster? Knowing or thinking? Knowing, actually. Thinking is a linear construct of your mind. Knowing is instantaneous! Difficulties arise when you go against your knowing. What if when you are being you, when you…Read More

The Symphony With You & Me!

Author   Category Limitless Living

Welcome to 2022, my friends! I have an important question for you… What would be possible (beyond what we can even imagine) if we kick off this year with a big symphonic BANG?!? The magic of the Symphony of Possibilities is opening up for people…Read More

Calling All Earth Wizards

Earth Wizards isn’t a class, it’s a movement of people committed to creating a better future for our planet. What would it take to create healing for our earth? Join me as I discuss this further… Major changes across the planet were instituted when enough…Read More