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No More Judgment!

Author   Category Limitless Living

Welcome to another Tour Of Consciousness Revisited! In this mash-up, we’ll be looking at judgment. What would it be like to have a judgment-free day? And what if you, being free of judgment, will invite others to that cocoon of possibilities? Join me as I…Read More

This is OUR Planet

What unique communion do you have with the Earth? And with every living element on the planet? This is our planet. What choice can you make and what can you BE that will change our future and this planet’s future? Now is the space my…Read More

Nobody Can Be THAAAT Happy

Author   Category Limitless Living

Remember the last installment in this series? About being willing to know what you actually LOVE? Ok! Here are my questions for you today: Do you actually maybe possibly love being…happy? And have you possibly maybe hidden your happy since you’ve continuously been told that…Read More

Kindness, Chaos & Change

Author   Category Limitless Living

When kindness is present every possibility is available. The ultimate kindness is the gift of change and possibilities: whatever it looks like. We’ve all heard the stories about how an act of kindness instills enough chaos and change into someone’s world that it totally changes…Read More

Never Be Controlled Again

Author   Category Limitless Living

What if you weren’t wrong? What If you are actually a gift? Let’s celebrate our weird, and recognize that weirdness is a gift! 🤩 And, that you are not alone! Enjoy this clip where I discuss this and more from International Being You Day, May…Read More