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ABC, Paris & Your Body

Author   Category Body Talk

How much do you judge your body? What if you could see the value of your body instead of the wrongness of it? What would change for you and your body if this was your reality? The Advanced Body Class is all about choosing to…Read More

COP = What?

Author   Category Limitless Living

Your life doesn’t have to be about limitation anymore. It doesn’t have to be about re-creating the same old thing. You can have the awareness of what you would actually like your life to be like… And in the Choice for Possibilities class, you get…Read More

What The Bleep Is NMFTG?

Author   Category Limitless Living

What if you finally gave up living someone else’s life? What if you stopped choosing everything based on what is considered good, right and appropriate? What if the only thing that really matters is what you know – and what creates enthusiasm in you? Join…Read More

Silencing The Inner Critic

Author   Category Limitless Living

You can silence your inner critic. You can wake up in the morning and go through your day with a sense of joy and ease. It is possible. I am living proof. Many times, our dominating thoughts tell us that we are bad, that we are…Read More