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Meet Archangel Poopel

Author   Category Being You

What if the purpose of life is to have fun? And what if laughter changes everything wayyyyy more than tears? Are you willing to go from the solidity of seriousness and significance to the lightness of not giving a f-ck? Archangel Poopel first showed up…Read More

Healing & Changing Bodies

Author   Category Body Talk

Imagine if you could change someone’s whole world with one hug? Or have yours changed by the soft touch of someone’s hand? When was the last time your body was touched like that? When was the last time you allowed yourself to touch someone like…Read More

Out Of A Crappy Reality

Author   Category Limitless Living

I have a quickie for you.  An essential piece of information on this amazing journey of consciousness. Here we go. The first step of changing something is acknowledging what is. Once you acknowledge what is, you can change anything. Would you like a live example…Read More

Tip #1 for Being Happy

Author   Category Limitless Living

Coming to you today with one tip for being happy! Join me for one of my YouTube short videos where I describe this further…. Yay! Now…. Get a sense of time in your life when you were truly being you. Got it? What else is…Read More