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Rediscovering Body Awareness

Author   Category Body Talk

What awareness does your body have? Have you asked it? Are you listening? Many of us have lost the awareness of our body that we were born with… but that doesn’t mean you can’t rediscover it! When it comes to things like aches and pains, you…Read More

Being You Every Day

Author   Category Being You

I may not have met you personally yet, but you are one of the coolest and bravest people in the world! Yes, you! Thank you for being you. Glory, glitter, warts and everything in between. You being you in the world makes it a far greater and…Read More

Choice Superpowers

Choice is the most misunderstood capacity that we have.  Choice has the capacity to create a different reality for us and others, the capacity to create a different life for us and others, and the capacity to create a phenomenal future for our world. When…Read More