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Your Superpower Of Choice

Author   Category Limitless Living

Choice is the most misunderstood capacity that we have.  Choice has the capacity to create a different reality for us and others, the capacity to create a different life for us and others, and the capacity to create a phenomenal future for our world. When…Read More

Avoiding Greatness?

Author   Category Limitless Living

Have you noticed how brilliant we are at finding ways to shoot ourselves in the foot? Again. And then again! 🙂 I have! And we’ve just come across a whole new artillery that we’ve been using all our lives! In short: What are you avoiding?…Read More

Your Image?

Author   Category Limitless Living

I know, it’s been a while… And no, my Tour bus did not break down. It has been running like crazy, taking me to on all kinds of new adventures in creation-land! Anyhow – I AM BACK! And I would like to explore one of…Read More

Letting Go Of Toxic People

Have you ever noticed that when you meet up with some friends, you feel lighter, happier, and you like you more?  And when you hang out with other friends, your world contracts and you start doubting yourself and what you know? My question is: Are…Read More

How To Stop Being Disappointed

Author   Category Limitless Living

Hold on kids, the magic carpet is taking off… We’re going on a little ride of awareness! Are you ready to venture into the mysterious realms of transactional realities? And, how about hidden agendas? (Oh noooo…🙈 Do we have to?!) The reality is, folks, that…Read More