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Here’s an exhilarating quickie for you and your body – from the lush and luminous rainforest of Costa Rica! Are you ready to have your heart dance from excitement?! 😉 So, my friend, would you be willing to have your heart dance from excitement and…Read More

Tumultuous Times?

What if the tumultuous events around the world are a call to action? For all of us. What if now is the time to step up even MORE? The insanity of the world just seems to be growing… I know, I agree. It is…everywhere. And…Read More

Getting Out of A Crappy Reality

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I have a quickie for you.  An essential piece of information on this amazing journey of consciousness. Here we go. The first step of changing something is acknowledging what is. Once you acknowledge what is, you can change anything. Would you like a live example…Read More

Access Bars With Dain Heer!

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I’m so excited…. Because I’m facilitating something that literally saved my life. Join me and Ace as we talk about this further…. There is a peace and relaxation possible for everyone in the world, and in receiving a simple process for bodies, called Access Bars…….Read More

Intimacy With Ourselves?

In this reality, relationship is one of those places where we seem to choose a lot of insanity! Have you noticed? 😉 By working with people all around the planet, I’ve recognized that one of the missing elements in ALL of our creations, not only…Read More