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9 Minutes of the Magic

Author   Category Being You

There was this one evening in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that was pure magic…. It was Liam, Ika, myself … and a few thousand other brave beings who went on an adventure into being! Would you like a taste of that? Then these 9 minutes are…Read More

Things You Are Grateful For

Author   Category Limitless Living

I am not in Houston any more kids! Finally! Yep, I went somewhere! I changed my location, the scenery, the space, the climate … and I so enjoyed it! Welcome to this installment of the Tour of Consciousness from beautiful Santa Barbara, California where I…Read More

Knowing Like A Feather Touch

Author   Category Limitless Living

You always know. Your knowing is instantaneous. Literally, it’s like as soon as you think of something or as soon as you ask something, or as soon as somebody else asks you something, you get this awareness of what it’s going to be like. Join…Read More

Interacting With The Universe?

Author   Category Limitless Living

What if you have a unique way of interacting with the Universe that you’ve not yet fully explored? Are You A Whisperer? Let’s start here … Interact with the Universe in more ways than you previously thought possible… Here are the words spoken in the…Read More