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For the Joy of Living

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One of the things I finally come to realize is how very much I like things that go FAST.  Ever notice how fast talk? Yeah, faster than that. It makes my body happy and makes my whole being  go Who-Hooooo! I now have a new…Read More

The Kingdom of We

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The way I see it, this reality isn’t working, not for us and not for the planet. The recent shootings at the school in Newtown, USA–that I talked about in the previous blog–is just one small example of what is going on here, on our…Read More

The Baseline of Space by Dr Dain Heer

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What is the Baseline of Space? Sometimes change can seem really uncomfortable. When you step into something you’ve been asking for that’s different than where you’ve been, it can get really uncomfortable. As you grow and expand, your “baseline of space” changes dynamically. Now, what…Read More

The Difference Gratitude Makes

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I know… you’ve heard about this gratitude gig a hundred million times… and you’re still wondering what difference it really makes.  How does it actually change your life?  Get the energy of three things you are truly grateful for… When you sense those things, do…Read More

Following the Energy

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When we sense the energies around us, rather than trying to ‘see’ everything, we dynamically expand our awareness of what is possible.  How does that work?  Well, we can’t see space, however we can sense it.  And it is space (not a vision board!) that…Read More

Creating YOUR Reality

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If you could wake up tomorrow with no past, no limitations, no expectations from others… what would you choose?   If you could wake up tomorrow and have any energy available, what would it be?  What else could you add that would increase the beauty of…Read More

What’s Beyond Boredom?

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“Boredom is not a potent energy. Is it a mask for some other energy?”   was a great question from a recent participant at a Being You, Changing the World class! [audio:|titles=Blog #8 Boredom] How often do you get bored?  How often do you use boredom…Read More